EARLY BOOKING ACTION – until April 26th, 2019

Your first two benefits:
– free selection of your preferred holiday period
– very favorable cancellation period without penalty

Nice prices for You:

Our mobile homes can be booked with a 28% discount as follows:
Valid: by min. 7 nights stay. (7 = 5 actions)
(Period: from 26 April to 7 June and from 1 to 15 September)

Our mobile homes can be booked with a 15% discount as follows:
Valid: in the mid-season by min. 7 nights stay. (7 = 6 actions)
(Period: from 7 June to 28 June and 25 August to 1 September)

Full comfort furnished caravans can be booked with a 25% discount as follows:
Valid: In Low and Mid Season by min. 4 nights stay. (4 = 3 action)
(Period: from April 26 – June 28, and between August 25 and September 15)

All three discounts  mentioned above are valid during the peak season of Pentecost!
Additional promotional offers are published with the opening up.
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Thank you for your attention.