Policies of YACHT Campsite

Checking-in the camp-site as a holidaymaker or a visitor means having got to know and accepting the regulations which are qualified for ensuring an undisturbed holiday for our guests in the campsite.

  1. On arrival please, indicate if you wish to spend your holiday in the campsite or you have come just for a visit (as a visitor or to be on the beach). Visitor or bather guests are allowed to stay in the campsite from 9:00 till 19:00 o’clock (9AM-7PM) provided they have bought the necessary ticket. Holidaymakers are asked to check in at the reception and hand in passports or personal ID-s which are required for legal registration. Our guests are obliged to tell all the requested payable services exactly, and control if the mentioned documentation is recorded correctly. Possible changes should be announced (some of the guests left for home earlier, not used services, etc.). The admission card given to you are personal and non-transferable and must be shown when entering or leaving the campsite or at control. Should you get a car-sticker from the campsite you are kindly asked to replace it on the front of the car, on the right side.

On the day of departure the camp-site must be left latest till 12:00 o’clock (12AM) while holiday-homes, mobile homes, caravans for rent, and tents for rent, till latest 10:00 (10AM) o’clock. Should you leave later than mentioned before, you will be charged an extra day as a staying-longer-surcharge.

Guests take over the financial responsibility for the services used in the camping and guests have to pay all expenses before their departure.

Rules of payment:

Please, take into consideration the opening hours of the reception and the cash desk.

In our camp-sites guests usually pay at departure, but the camp-site can decide out of the ordinary and ask payment in advance. Guests are obliged to pay for all the used services which will be invoiced itemized by the reception. Refund because of the cancellation of prepaid services cannot be made on the spot.

Cancellation of pre-booked services confirmed by the camp-site is not accepted on the day of arrival or refund cannot be made when cancellation is done during your stay.

  1. All the campers have the right to have a look at the pitch before check-in. Fixing the camping-place can be done exclusively and only by the camping-staff. Not else but only the fixed camping-place can be used. Pre-booked camping-places are non-transferable, cannot be surrendered to anybody else. In case of hiring a plot only the territory of the plot can be used. It is forbidden to use places out of the fixed camping-place, parking is allowed for guests only on their plot. Only one object is allowed to be replaced on normal camping-places. Further objects – more than 1 caravan + car, 1 tent + car, or 1 motor home- will be surcharged.

Guests arriving late at night are offered temporary places after having handed in their personal dates to the camping-staff.

  1. Environmental protection: Our camp-site lies in an increased sore-point-zone of Lake Balaton. Everybody staying here has to take care of the environment and the vegetation. It is not allowed to put PVC covers under tents or front-tents. It is strictly forbidden to hammer a nail into trees, cut branches, and throw remains of food, pollutants on grass, trees, bushes or hedges. It is forbidden to tie fixing ropes of (front-) tents to trees, hedges. Digging ditches and holes are not allowed even if it is for temporary use.

Waste, litter can be collected only in the indicated places. You will find the appropriate signs on the collective pots according to the selective collection, so it is forbidden to put materials different from the signs into the pots. The increased-toxic dry batteries must be handed in at the reception.  It is forbidden to leave used accumulators of cars or other vehicles in the camp-site. Should you realize oil or gasoline leaking from your vehicle, please, indicate it at once at the reception. To avoid pollution and to save our sensitive nature is especially important on the shore and in the lake. Suntan lotions used by the bathers in large quantities mean great burden for the living world of Lake Balaton. Please, try to do your best to bring less suntan lotion into the lake and contribute to the improvement of the water quality of the lake.

It is not allowed to feed water birds.

Please don’t use electric tool unnecessary. (Air condition, cooking plates, grill plates etc.)

Please, don’t forget about the campers coming after you and leave the camping-place clean at departure.

Water is very expensive. Use it, please, always economically and don’t forget to call your children’s attention on it, too. Washing cars, caravans, camper-equipment is strictly forbidden in the campsite.

  1. Rest time at night:             between 23:00 and 6:00 o’clock (11PM – 6AM)

Rest time in the afternoon in high season:   between 13:00 and 15:00 o’clock ( 1PM – 3PM)

During rest times silence and keeping other clients’ quiet in view must be respected. During the mentioned times it is strictly forbidden to start engine or use vehicles, the doors are closed. The camp-site can remove restrictions in exceptional cases. When departing early in the morning it is not permitted to make noise before 6:00 o’clock (6AM). Those wishing to depart earlier can spend their last night on the place fixed by the camp-site occasionally, but making noise is still forbidden.

In order to ensure quiet and rest using vehicles in the camp-site is permitted only on the direct road from the entrance to the camping-place, at never more than 10 km/hour. Using a car with other purpose is forbidden in the camp-site.

  1. Small children (age 2-10) must be supervised by their parents or relatives in the camp-site. Adults are directly responsible for the behaviour of their children. Please, accompany your children to the playing-grounds or the animation programmes. Responsibility for children cannot be undertaken from their parents. The children’s pool operates only for minors, visitation is only allowed with parental control. The detailed rules of usage are signed by pictograms. Please, take care that your children’s liveliness doesn’t disturb the other campers. Community rooms in the camp-site cannot be used by small children alone, so parents are kindly asked to accompany their children to the bathroom, the shower or the toilet and take care of the usage and the neatness of the mentioned equipments.

Guests having been arrived without children are kindly asked to take into consideration that children cannot be always and immoderately kept in check. Some tolerance and understanding for peaceful coexistence is required from everyone.

  1. Our expectations from our guests and visitors in the camp-site:

6.1.      Everybody must check-in at the reception.

6.2.      Doing the washing-up, washing, cleaning of the kitchen equipments and kitchen works, and cleaning of fishes must be done only at the places indicated for the mentioned purposes. It is forbidden to use taps and sinks of pitches for washing dishes or removing food remnants.

6.3.      Making a fire, using grill equipments are allowed only where it is signed, taking into consideration of the fire safety rules and only with the previous permission of the Campsite Manager. You are kindly asked to use your grill equipments with increased caution and not disturbing the other campers.

6.4.      Buildings and equipments in the campsite are obliged to be used properly.  Buildings, rooms, equipments are allowed to be used only in the indicated opening hours. It is forbidden to enter these places out of the opening hours. It is not allowed enter work areas.

6.5.      Doing sports is allowed only at places developed especially for this purpose and in the specified period of time.

6.6.      Please, omit activities being able to disturb others (sight, appearance, noise).

6.7.      Our guests are kindly asked to inform us about insufficiencies or mistakes at the time of having been realized. If reception closed, the portier or the night watchman can be notified.

6.8.      The Camp-site Manager must be informed about any kind of infectious diseases or the grounded suspicion of them.

6.9.      Lost properties should be handed in at the reception.

6.10.    Detailed information on usage of electric current and the fire safety rules can be read at the reception. It is obliged to know and keep these regulations. Electrical equipment may only be used for connection purposes. Their other use, touch, installation or repair is life-threatening and strictly prohibited.

  1. It is strictly forbidden in the camp-site:

7.1.      Breaking the normal and unwritten rules of going camping.

7.2.      Disturbing the night and afternoon rest time, breaking the prohibition of using vehicles.

7.3.      Bringing in the camp-site those kinds of objects and living beings which can be dangerous or can disturb the other campers’ holiday or general taste. It is forbidden to replace flags, badges or other objects which can offend certain nationalities and people.

7.4.      Any voluntary technical intervention in the equipments of the campsite.

  1. Beach: bathers can use the beach only at their own risk. Fishing is forbidden on the beach. Please, do not swim after dark, since we cannot do anything for your safety. For other cases you can find valid bathing regulations at the reception.
  2. Bringing animals into the camp-site: animals can be brought only into the signed camp-sites, with the permission of the Camp-site Management and paying the appropriate fees. Dogs must be always kept on a leash in the camp-site. Animals must have the necessary veterinary certifications, which must be shown when it is required. Please, take care of your favourites not to disturb the other campers’ rest. The person who has registered the animal is responsible for her state of health and the damage caused by the animal. It is forbidden to let animals enter the community rooms, the beach and the lake. Pet keepers must take care of the immediate removal of their pet’s excrement.
  3. Fishing: Fishing is forbidden on the signed beaches. The Camp-site Manager has the right to choose the allowed place for fishing.
  4. Property protection, liability: The camp-site takes no responsibility for damages in guests’ personal properties, for lost of objects left unattended. Guests are obliged to use the equipments of the camp-site properly. Guests are responsible and obliged to compensate for damages caused to these objects. The camp-site takes no responsibility for damages caused to third person and just like for act of God and damages caused by storm (hail, fallen trees and branches), fire, infections, illnesses and terrorist actions.
  5. Privacy: The campsite may make photos and videos from the holiday life situations of its guests and use it in its advertisements. With their checking in the guests get to know and agree that the recorded data and material form them may be used by the campsite management in marketing media and advertisements. The same local regulations apply to persons entering and leaving the camp for other purposes.
  6. Any other regulations: Guests can turn to the Manager of the Camp-site with their complaints.

The manager of the camp-site reserves the right to call upon guests having broken the regulations of the camp-site to leave the camp-site at once. Official measures can be required by camping leader against guests who refused to leave the campsite.

July 2018, Balatonalmádi

Csilla, Keller-Tóth

Campsite Manager