AZÚR full comfort Caravan

For max 4 persons
Caravan size: 4,3 m  x  2,2 m
Inside: 1 normal double  bed and 1 small bed.

With Air Condition. (A/C)

DIAMOND full comfort Caravan

For max 3 + 2 persons
Caravan size: 5,3 m  x  2 m
Inside 1 double  bed and 1 single bed
In the awning tent outside: 1 double bed

With Air Condition. (A/C)

GOLD full comfort Caravan

For max 4 + 1 persons
Caravan size: 5,4 m  x  2,2 m
Inside: 1 double bed and 2 single beds.
In the awning tent 1 guest bed

With Air Condition. (A/C)

PEARL full comfort Caravan

For max 2 persons
Caravan size: 3,5 m  x  2 m
Inside: 1 double bed

New type of accomodation at Yacht Campsite:
There are pleasant caravans ready arranged  with all comfort for Your holiday.
You can overnight in a quiet caravan, and in the awning tent You find all necessary furnitures and tools for a perfect holiday:

Full equipped kitchen in the awning tent: Refrigerator, microwave, induction coocker, several tools for coocking  and serving. Sink with cold water is installed here. Garden table and seats. Hygiene services are provided in the sanitary buildings near the Caravans. Here are placed: Washing rooms, shower rooms, dishwasher, childrens bathroom and more. Built-in washroom and sink of caravan: not in use.
Near the caravans is the childrens pool and the central sport place. The beach is also near the Caravans, just a few steps away.
Position of Full comfort Caravans inside the campsite: Map with caravans here.